Three years ago today, I was a blushing bride. I walked down the aisle, and married my sweet honey buns of a husband. For some reason, arriving at our three-year anniversary seems more significant than the previous two. It's something like, anybody can stay married for two years, but we've made it three. I don't want to sound like it's been an exclusively uphill battle or anything, but anyone who has been married for more than a few months will tell you that marriage is not only sunshine and butterflies.


My sweet friend Jenny is getting married!! She wanted to use personalized necklaces to ask her girls to stand beside her, so she asked me to whip some up! Take a look!




I have an amazing family. I realize that it's pretty much pure luck who you are born related to, and in this case, I won the lottery. On my Dad's side, I have TEN cousins, not counting my 2 brothers, my husband, and I, or husbands by marriage, or new baby second cousins. Suffice it to say that when we get together, we fill the place up. My Nanny is the matriarch of our brood, and whom my newest custom necklace design is named for.

Meet Peggy, a family tree necklace.

the letters used in the example represent my immediate fam, starting with my Daddy, all the way down to our newest addition, my husband. :)



WOO HOO! Now you can have your very own custom hand stamped necklace! Inspired by these necklaces I made for a friend's wedding, I have made this design (her name is Kyra) available to Y-O-U! Check the listing for current stock of beads and charms, plus current turnaround time on custom pieces. 


Kyra Custom Hand Stamped Necklace by Westin Pickens Younger



You guys. I am SO excited to share this with you! This top-secret project has been finished for about a week and I have been BURSTING to talk about it!!

My sweet friend Lucas is getting married (yay!), and he asked me to create some pieces to give to his best gals to ask them to be a part of his day. Here is what we came up with!